About Access Australia Visa & Migration Consulting

Access Australia helps individuals obtain a visa so they can visit, work, study and migrate to Australia.
Our people are not average migration agents. We are also qualified lawyers, with years of experience working in government. We understand the process and know instinctively how an application will be judged for approval.

We pride ourselves on offering a quality, highly customised service. We truly care about every client and do our best to ensure a stress-free process with a positive outcome.

Access Australia has helped people from all across the world apply successfully for an Australian visa…and we can help you too.

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Access Australia Visa & Migration Consulting is located in Canberra, Australia.

Ruth Mendones | Principal Migration Consultant

Ruth is a highly sought-after Migration Practitioner and qualified Lawyer.

She is passionate about helping international students get visas after completing their qualifications, so that they can find meaningful work and stay in Australia.

Ruth specialises in employer-sponsored visas. She regularly helps businesses obtain visas for skilled overseas workers; particularly those who are qualified in areas currently experiencing skills shortages in Australia.

Ruth has worked extensively in government in Canberra, particularly in compliance and legislation.
With her combination of legal and government experience, Ruth can do what many other migration agents can’t – see visa applications through the eyes of those who will be assessing it.

This gives her an amazing advantage in identifying potential problems and creating solutions to avoid these problems.

Having migrated to Australia as a child, Ruth understands how difficult and emotional it can be when applying for a Visa. Her friendly, caring and knowledgeable nature helps her clients remain positive throughout the process, as she works tirelessly to help them achieve their goal of a new life in Australia.

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